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Have you ever wonder why some people take out the best of you and others the worst and vice versa?

I believe that we grow and live in relationships.  In those relationships we learned to define ourselves, to create patterns of interaction and a frame of reference  from there we  relate with the rest of the world.  

Each relation with ourselves, with family, co-workers, partners among others is a weave of interactions that develops in patterns and dynamics that can be new and creative or a merely repetition of family learned ways of how to interact in the world.  

My approach is to be in the present, aware of our ability to create our own reality.  Liberating the past and connecting it with the  present and the future in a way that we release from attachments  and  construct new narratives of ourselves and  new dynamics for our present relationships consciously, responsible, and aware of the reality we want to create.  


As a Psychologist for 10 years in  Colombia with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy,  it was my personal and professional desire to search for unconventional healing methods so, I moved to India for two years in 2001.  There I  became fascinated with the power of meditation and the need to integration of body, mind  & spirit. 

Since  living 10 years in America with 14 more years of experience as a meditation practitioner and instructor, I have combined almost 2 decades of clinical, managerial,  educational and supervisory experience.  

I am convinced out of my  personal journey, that we need to learn to become more aware of our emotions, to be conscious about our body signals and our inner dialogue to create  a sense of our "true self".  Identify our emotional scars, accept them and learn how create our potential out of the lessons we have learned in life, is not only  rewarding and powerful but also the honest space from we can create our dreams and reach our personal and professional goals. 

  1. Dealing with difficult people
  2. Early childhood trauma
  3. Codependency
  4. Procrastination

Areas of Work

  • Better Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Permanent sadness
  • Life transitions
  • Low energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Body Image
  • Self- Esteem
  • Managing Habits
  • Parenting